Questions and Answers


Celebrity Pets Hotel, offers pet boarding services with free pick-up & drop-off in New York City. We have a beautiful enviornment with cage-free dog boarding. This allows your pet to relax and enjoy their stay without cages or kennels. They can be happy and play while you are away and they even have a daily walk so they can play outside.


If you are called away for business or a vacation, we are nearby.

We even offer a convenient, free transportation service in some areas of New York City for pick up and drop off at our home pet boarding facility.

Question: Can I come and visit your facility?

Answer: YES! But only on Saturdays and Sundays.  Call to make an appointment!

Question: Where is my dog staying?

Answer: At our  beautiful 1500 sqft. Loft-like facility in LIC, Queens. Only 15 min away from Midtown, Manhattan. We include free pick up and drop from your home at a convenient time for you!

Question: Do you take the dogs outside during the day and evening?

Answer: YES! We make sure they have plenty of relief time, we take them out 4-5 times per day/evening.

Question: Where will my dog sleep?

Answer: We are cage free! The dog's have free range and we have plenty of warm, clean and cozy dog beds, cots etc for them to choose. Most of the times, they like to snuggle together or have their own quiet area. We never over crowd the facility.

Question: What if my dog does not like other dogs?

Answer: No problem, we just simply separate the dogs who want their own quiet area with a childsgate or put them in a different room.

Question: How long will my dog be alone during the day or evening?

Answer: There is always somebody supervising!

Question: How do I make reservation?

Answer: Simple! Just go to our website and go to Booking/ Reservations! Or just simply call us if you have any other questions!

By the way,  we send you daily video, picture and text message with updates about your dog's stay!

For more information please call Celebrity Pets office or email us.